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Golf Competition - Identify the Course for a Year's Free Hosting - FAQ / Ts & Cs

I’ve no idea where that is, can you give me a clue? - Yes, ok, but lets not make it too easy. When you give an answer our web-bot will have a stab at working out if you got it right (it will also be checked by a real person later). If it thinks your answer is wrong, it will send you an email with a clue in.

How many times can I enter? - Have as many attempts as you like until you get the right course; that gets you a year’s free hosting for one site. If you get the right hole at the same time as your first right answer, that gets you hosting for all your sites for a year. You only get one try at that, so you better make it a hole in one! Sites must all have the same registrant to qualify.

I haven't got a web site yet, can I still get free hosting? - Yes, of course. You can build it yourself or we can help/do it for you. You can even pay someone else to build it.

Does free mean free? Do I have to spend any money to get free hosting? - No. You don’t even have to commit to spending money in the future, you can choose whether to renew your hosting and pay for it in a year’s time.

But I’ve just paid for my hosting, can I put it off till later? - Yes, you can delay up to a year to take us up on the offer of free hosting, with the caveat that if by then we’ve drummed up more customers than we can service we’ll have to withdraw the offer.

I’m already your customer, does that apply to me? - Yes, your current paid hosting period will be extended by a year; your renewal will be due a year later.

Do I have to move the site myself, can you help or even do it for me? - If you want to move your site yourself, you can, with as much free advice as you need. If you need it done for you, that’s possible and in most cases we won’t need to charge; only if there’s a lot of work involved.

What kind of hosting are you offering? - It’s “shared hosting”, which means that many sites are hosted on the same physical server(s) - ours is “cloud hosting” which means the load for a lot of sites is spread across a lot of servers. There are constraints on the space and bandwidth but these are plenty for most sites. It’s probably not suitable for sites that serve a lot of video (unless it’s somewhere else, like YouTube) or domains that run big mailing lists (unless they use hosted services like Mailchimp) as you’re limited to 125 emails every 15 minutes.

Are you willing to host the world for free? - No, actually, and for that reason it’s limited to domains with a UK registrant and we reserve the right to close the competition at any time. However, we don’t anticipate it being such a runaway success that we have to do so...