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Coming soon - addons for CE Phoenix (currently in test)

£40.00 £20.00

Modules for categories.php

Identify products that need updating and quickly change them. Much improved workflow for day-to-day product catalogue administration.

Extend & configure admin/categories with three kinds of modules

This variant of admin/categories comes with a set of supplied modules to extend the functionality of the categories/products list and improve the workflow. Each can be individually chosen to show exactly the info you need, quickly and easily. The products info panel is extended to provide a quick update function for your chosen fields, fast-tracking your most common changes. The kinds of modules are:

  • Columns for products and categories (display or update)
  • Fields (display or update) and links for the info panel
  • Reports giving lists to work through

Familiar admin interface

Manipulate the modules with the usual oscommerce screens

Includes some additional mods

  • Mod to catalog product info page so you can see what the product will really look like - preview your products exactly as they will appear without having to make them live.
  • Mod to admin specials allowing you to maintain specials from within the admin categories page - a great time-saver for adjusting specials within a catalogue view.

Add your own modules, simply

The content of the modules themselves is very simple, so to add your own is easy too. There's no need to go digging around in admin/categories.php. For example, to add a new report you just need to think about the condition to add to the query and what you'd like to call it...

...and if you make a mess of it, it's easy to debug and to revert.

It can be much harder to debug a modular page because they often work out their logic on-the-fly. It can also be harder to get back to a working state if you're not sure which module is causing the problem (because the module settings are held in the database).

Not with this approach: there's an additional 'build' step between setting up the modules and using them in the page. It's easy to keep a copy of the built files when you make changes, so you can go back to them temporarily if you need to use the categories page before you've solved the problem. If you've not kept any copies, you can at least go back to the built files delivered with the addon, which will bring you back to the standard appearance for the page.

What about performance?

Yes, the lists of categories and products can get quite long. If we were calling modules for every line (or, horrors, every field), it probably would slow to a crawl on a typical live catalog. However, the build step means that the code for the categories page has already been written and once pulled in can be executed optimally by the server, so the performance is the same as if the mods were coded directly into the page.

Choose version for download

There are downloads available for:

  • oscommerce 2.3.4
  • osc community responsive version "bootstrap gold"
  • even boostrap edge - there's a private github repository to which I'll grant your user access once you've told me it, but if you can't wait to see the code there's a zip to download too
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